FIFA 15 Ultimate Team problems continue after new update

We’ve been Fifa Coins reporting on issues with the FIFA 15 UT app for some months now, and every time another update for Android or iOS appears we hope that at last some of these ongoing difficulties will have been resolved. It seems our hopes have been misplaced again though, as FIFA 15 Ultimate Team problems are continuing after the new update.

Our readers have responded in their hundreds to our previous articles on FIFA 15 UT problems. We know from comments and emails we are still receiving that this situation is causing a huge amount of frustration to those who just want to enjoy the game, and yet these issues persist. The latest update for the app appeared in the Google Play Store and App Store yesterday, bringing it to version 1.2.2. In the ‘What’s New’ section on the app descriptions the update is simply said to provide some “off-the-pitch enhancements” to improve gameplay.

Although it’s early days, it has quickly become evident that many users of the app are still have problems with it or are now having difficulties where they weren’t before. We’ll point out that the app is still managing to receive high user ratings from plenty of players, so these issues are not affecting everyone who uses the app. However, there are large amounts of people giving FIFA 15 UT a low rating because of various concerns.

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FIFA 15 new trailer for Ultimate Team

Coming soon appearing soccer simulation fifa 15 coins . Electronic Arts has done for a new trailer. There, among other things, the novelties of Ultimate Team will be explained.

Electronic Arts has donated another trailer. In the center of the new move in the game mode FIFA 15: Ultimate. There are several innovations, such as the fifa 15 ultimate team coins concept teams (Dream Squad tool), friendly-season, Players out on loan and special legends.

From the official site it says to Ultimate Team that in the past the challenge of the FIFA world more than 11 million fans and players: have adopted Ultimate Team. Each player has a team built up, which are equipped with the world’s best football stars. One can buy players, sell and trade with other Ultimate Team gamers around the world. Now can you build your dream team and measure yourself at any time with your friends and enemies. You can participate in various online and offline tournaments which are updated weekly with multiple statements.

Finally you can be Ultimate team also continue to expand, even if you’re not at your console PC. With the “EA Sports Football Club Companion App” and the “FUT Web App” you get anytime, anywhere access to the transfer market, can trade players and search. In addition, you can participate in auctions, enhance your Lineups and Team Chemistry and compare yourself with friends with the App’s. So you’re always on the best available, whether at school, in the office or anywhere else is. All your changes are accepted, so you can start right away if you start off again FIFA Ultimate Team on your console PC.

One can only look forward to FIFA 15, not only because of its new attributes but also on the Online Gaming. The anticipation is great until the release!

FIFA 15 UT free trading market to make money Free market investment analysis skills

“Investment principles”

Adjust state of mind! Our core goal is to resist UT inflation, the value maintained and appreciation again first!

UT Coins Sale the world is doomed to be inflation, but inflation is greater than the ratio of the tax rate of 6%. So don’t keep cash, only goods, need of cash, goods into cash at any time.

For investment, which of the following is the core of our discussion “margin”, rather than the market price, under the premise of without considering the tax rate, we choose the most profitable goods.

An extreme chestnuts: (don’t consider tax rate)

You and xiao Ming’s hands have 30 w, you bought from the market with the price of 150 contract, 300 sold, profit margin of 100%. 60 w, 30 w xiao Ming bought 30 w omar, 33 w sold, the profit margin of 10%. 33 w, 30 w you win.

“Core idea”

To think of UT free trading as the stock market, the choice has the security properties of the commodity, when the stock trading.

“Chemical card”, “location card” is a good investment choice l

Stir with a greater risk of players, but players against hype (afternoon), the author does not recommend

【 what 】

UT in the stock market there are four major parts: players, consumables, team, employees)

Team, employees belong to durable goods, appreciation space is very low. Don’t consider

Players plate: a lot of people think the player is a model of value investment, the authors do not deny that.

But the same player cannot be saved at the same time goal, that is to say you lived Lits restriction for the transfer of your investment ceiling, and expensive price, affect the maximization of profit margins.

Consumables: best choice at the core of the reason is that it is consumables, second can not limited in your club, in theory, how much money you have to be able to transform it into consumables, save it.

The author’s practical

In last week’s article, fifa coins buy the writer recommended I choose three consumables investment class

The hunter card, shadow card, catalytic card

Among them, the author emphatically recommended shade card. (article reviews: click here)

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FIFA 15 Holiday Edition

Another good Fut 15 Coins news after the third patch for FIFA 15, a FIFA 15 Holiday Edition bundle has appeared on the Xbox One store and is already for sale. Now head to the Xbox one Store and download the new edition. Though available on Xbox one, other platforms have yet to be confirmed.

This Holiday edition includes the full game, 2200 FIFA points to redeem for 15 Ultimate Team packs, a Lionel Messi loan player for five games, and a handful of EA SPORTS Football Club items. The bundle is priced at $60 USD, and expires Jan.19, 2015. So far, it is only appearing in digital form for XBOX One.

Now we have more expectation on FIFA 15 with more new features. Are you excited for these updates? Head to download the FIFA 15 Holiday edition now and try the Player Instructions out.

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